Grateful for Childhood Imagination

Our kids are addicted to technology. Hard core. Seems we all are these days. I sometimes think that their days to play for hours using only their imaginations, their days to be simply kids–are gone, over way too quickly, squashed by the allure of those glowing screens. It seems many days all they want is their iPads, and when we pull them off, unless we’re offering something super exciting (cue trip to the beach, theme park, etc.), they’re whining and bored–they can’t come up with their own fun anymore.

But then I go to work one evening with the promise of our family movie night awaiting us all upon my return. And I come home to this posted outside our front door:

The second one was inside. They had transformed our loving room into a movie theatre, complete with concession stand, prices and pretend money cut out of bits of paper. It was innocent. It was creative. It rocked.

And I am happily reminded that I am wrong. Childhood innocence and imagination is alive and well. I joyously gave them my paper $1 coin in adherence to their sign advertising the cost of the popcorn and cuddled up on the couch with my cute little dudes to enjoy the movie–movies that are so much more fun through their eyes. Aaaahhh. Sometimes it’s great to be wrong!


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