Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

But yet determined to write this tonight and whine about it instead of jumping in bed like I should.  We just keep getting nailed.  I know it’s been nothing serious and many people that I know and love are going through actual difficulties so I should not complain, but this is my outlet to complain and then I can suck it up and be grateful for my many blessings. 

On Friday, last week, our big one-year mark, the boys were both finally healthy enough to start their swimming lessons.  Hooray!  They have been really tough on me lately and we’ve had some rough days where they’ve just worn me down, but overall it was all fine.  I got a girly evening out that night at a friend’s house, the caveat being that I had to drive across downtown Brisbane in the dark during rush hour to get there.  That did not go well.  I don’t hear Australians use their horns very often on the roads, but they do when I’m out.  I made it there, but started off in my all too usual state of tears before getting it together and enjoying a nice evening.  Thankfully, the drive home went much better.   At least after six months here, I am getting familiar with my side of the river!  That’s progress! 

Saturday, Drew had a bit of a cough and then ran his little buns off at soccer, which he absolutely loves, and that left him pretty hoarse after.  That evening he ran and jumped again all over the place in playgrounds, a bouncy castle, etc. and finally started to cough more.  I did another 10k that evening and the atmosphere was fantastic.  It was a big, hugely popular race, right along a gorgeous shoreline at sunset.  I met a great girl a couple weeks ago who told me she and a friend were doing it, and I told them I’d like to tag along.  It was wonderful actually knowing people at one of these events and Steve and the boys being able to be around other families we knew as well.  However, I am used to running at 6:30 in the morning, so 5:00 in the evening did a number on me.  It was also hot and humid at that time of day, so overall, the run was much harder than my previous one was.  It was all worth it, even though my back has not been very functional since.

Of course, that evening, when I’m tired from that race and already getting sore muscles, we ended up awake a large part of the night with Drew coughing and it has just gotten worse from there.  On Sunday he actually did well during the day and we were still able to enjoy a lovely BBQ with good friends all day, on a gorgeous day to be out.  But I think the little guy just plays too hard and that night he got worse again. 

Steve is off for two weeks from school right now, and I have worked 3 days this week (18 hours) to make up for missing a day to visit Drew’s school.  Poor Steve has been living my life this week and it is taking a toll on him.  He took the kids to his parents’ on Monday and Drew swam in cold water and got worse again.  The last two nights have been horrifying, very similar to those freaky nights with Zach in recent weeks.  Monday night we just could not stop his coughing.  I pretty much know every approved home remedy there is, considering how many childhood respiratory viruses we’ve dealt with over the years.  NOTHING would work AT ALL.  The little guy would cough all night, gag often, and throw up everything he’d eaten.  It has been awful and so heart wrenching.  Steve and I are about to turn into zombies. 

At least I have gotten respite by going to work the past two days and have even gotten some exercise through about 5k of walking each day, split up into two by heading two and from my trains from our house.  Last night he could not stop coughing and vomiting and it was upsetting the little trooper so much (I haven’t mentioned how amazingly cheerful he has been through all this—-almost always with his usual smile on his face and still tries to talk constantly in between fits of coughing.  He gets frustrated that the cough makes him stop his conversation.). 

I finally called the after-hours doctor line and they sent a doctor to our house at 11:00 at night.  No cost!  We had to wait about an hour.  In between I called the after-hours nurse line.  She told me to try the asthma medication we had been given for him to take when Steve took him to the doctor that day—told us to try it again even though we had already tried it twice that evening.  The third time worked.  He took it about 15 minutes before the doctor showed up, so of course was fine for the doctor.  The frustrating part was that this doctor told us we shouldn’t have been giving the medication that often.  It tears me apart when I get different information from each professional I speak with.  That happened a lot in the U.S. to me too and I can’t handle it.  I am already wracked by enough guilt and doubt as it is without getting three different sets of instructions on the proper way to administer a medication.

Even more frustrating, however, was the fact that that fix only last another 20 minutes, so soon after she’d left, he couldn’t stop coughing again!  This time he was so tired that he was just gagging and spitting up in his bed, because he couldn’t even get up to go into the bathroom—he was so out of it.  It was terrifying and made even harder by the fact that we both felt we didn’t have the strength in our bodies to keep getting out of bed to deal with him, even though we couldn’t sleep anyway because the cough sounds so horrible and worrisome and sad.  I know every parent knows what that level of fatigue feels like.  Of course, between the two of us, we made it happen.  Thankfully, something made him stop again, and he slept peacefully for about 5 hours at least. 

Today,  Steve took him back to the doctor (Of course I finally get some respite myself by being at work through all this, but naturally, feel horribly guilty that I am not there for Drew and am not at the doctor with him myself—can’t win), and this time they gave him the croup medication. 

So far tonight, he seems quiet!  But Zach is coughing again now….ay yi yi!  I pray we can all get some sleep tonight and restore our sanity a bit.  We head off on a much anticipated beach trip tomorrow and it would be terrific if everyone was healthy to enjoy it.  Little Drew can’t wait to see Underwater World and the Big Pineapple!  Hopefully, I will have good pictures and a good report about it all to share! 

There.  I know it’s nothing that hard.  People go through much worse.  I shouldn’t complain anymore.  I’m done now. 

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