My Baby is Turning Two

 The highlight of the last several days was celebrating our precious Zach’s 2nd birthday a week early.  We had a little party for him in a nearby park on the water and it was super hot but gorgeous in the shade.  He is so shy and sweet and had no idea all the fuss was for him, but I think he finally realized it when blowing out his candles and opening presents.  He was still happy to just sit and eat cake and smear frosting up his nose by himself, away from the group.  I keep thinking about what an amazing little man he is.  When he loves you, HE LOVES YOU.  He is slow to warm up, but once he does, he’s yours.  His poor swim teacher was such a sweet lady, and the best teacher we’ve had for either boy at that age, but he just never got on board with her.  Poor thing would practically stand on her head trying to get him to interact with her.  He seems not to like structure, or a class setting—very much the opposite of his teacher’s pet, loves to show off in a group big brother.   Zach is so warm and gentle and cuddly, but he is turning two now and can really show us his stubborn side and can brawl with Drew and win sometimes!   He will not do what he does not want to do!  It is incredible to think what he has given us these past two years—from such a tiny little baby who wasn’t ready to be here yet, to this strong willed, loving little boy—I just can’t express in words my love for him (or Drew, but it’s Zach’s milestone this week). 

But back to the party—we had two long-time friends of Steve’s (ours) and their families and three new families we have met since arriving here.  Everyone is so genuine and they are all such good people that it made for an absolutely lovely afternoon.  My only complaint is I felt too busy to really enjoy and try and see it through Zach’s eyes, or even spend time with him and Drew.  Even Steve’s best mate commented that we have met great friends already, cool, good people, and asked how we did it.  Steve attributed it to me and the Mom’s groups we’ve been going to—which is true—I got lucky and feel blessed to have met such kind, generous, friendly people so quickly.   I was torn between wanting to include all the sweet people we have met here so far, especially the playgroup I have so enjoyed as a thank you, and being more practical and knowing we don’t have the time or funds right now to do those sorts of shindigs.   

Otherwise, we are in the countdown now and I can’t wait!  I am still working on shopping for what we need, and we got the suitcases out and I have been organizing our stuff and filled the first suitcase today—fun!!  We wrapped up swim lessons here this morning, and continue a week of wrap ups, bittersweet all of them. 

Here is a taste of he new language I’ve been learning and my thoughts on it:

-It’s Mummy not Mommy.  Don’t like that one—the word mother is spelled with an ‘o’; a mummy is an ancient dead person and mum also means to keep quiet, while there is only one meaning for mommy.  I hope my boys always call me mommy!  It was weird trying to send a birthday card to my Mom last December—I just couldn’t send her one saying Mum, so I finally settled on one that said Mother.  Maybe I’ll have to buy those cards on trips home….

-The letter Z is pronounced zed not zee.  That’s just weird as well.  They don’t say bed instead of bee, ded instead of dee, ged instead of gee, etc.  It’s like saying an entire word instead of just a letter and it gets confusing!  However, I do agree that zebra should be pronounced like it’s spelled, instead of zeebra, and I am trying to change, although it’s tough—old habits die hard, but that does make more sense.  I am trying to make a conscious effort to use the word/phrase/spelling that makes the most sense, thereby combining the two languages into perfection!!!  😉 

-Why are pajamas spelled pyjamas, but pronounced the same, and tyres instead of tires seems odd, too, but not nearly as odd as pyjamas. 

I’ll keep them coming as time goes on!  There are plenty!  The last one for today I’ve mentioned before—don’t understand how so many things are called ‘slices’.  Pumpkin slice, fruit slice, chocolate slice, etc.  Name the whole dish and then fine if you want to call the pieces slices instead of anything else, once they’re ‘sliced’ up, but the whole dish is not a slice.  Even a dish made of egg, milk, zucchini, etc., basically a casserole, is called a slice, because you eventually cut it into slices!  There’s a pattern you will see of using one word for several different things instead of confusing it all with a large vocabulary—-just kidding Aussie friends, you know I love you!

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