Happy Thanksgiving

A pretty uneventful week comparatively.   Seems we have gotten all the “major” stuff out of the way and have a reprieve from a lot of that until we start house hunting.  Also just need to keep waiting for the FBI to send my background check over here and I need to apply for permission to work.  Otherwise, the boys and I continue to go to all of our little groups, lessons, etc.  All is well.  I got a pass to try out a different gym and have really been enjoying it!  I finally found yoga over here and it was excellent!  I love yoga—for someone like me who’s always thinking and worrying, it truly helps me to do a slower pace exercise class that brings the mind, body and spirit together—it’s always so refreshing to walk out of a class like that.  I also tried Zumba finally, which is pretty wild and crazy.  I was quite nervous to bring the boys to try the childcare, because I haven’t really left them with anyone except Steve, and once with a couple friends, but they didn’t even seem to know I had left the room—-I think they are ready for a break from me, too! 

One highlight of the week for me is coming up with “my own” recipe.  A friend told me that if you change three ingredients in a recipe, you can call it your own, so I’m going with that!  Since, it’s my blog, my creative outlet, I can do whatever I want and am now going to “publish” my Veggie Frittata recipe (yes, I’m actually going to write out a recipe for basically—scrambled eggs!)—like I said—my blog. 

Heat 2 Tbsp. Olive oil in an oven-safe skillet.  Sauté one chopped onion, then add 2 cloves minced garlic and cook for another minute or two.  Mix in 1 c. Zucchini and 1 c. Chopped broccoli and continue cooking.  Add 1 chopped tomato, ½ c. Drained and rinsed canned corn, 1 tsp. Dried oregano, 1 tsp. Dried basil and salt and pepper to taste.  Mix well.  Pour 6 beaten eggs over the top, and bake in a 375 (190 for me) oven until set.  Remove from oven and add ½ c. Crumbled feta and return to oven for about 5 more minutes.  Yummy!  Fun! 

Another highlight and lowlight all in one was Thanksgiving.  I am pretty sure that’s a holiday I have never missed with my family (except to go to the CU-Nebraska game in ’97 but that doesn’t really count), and I am 34 years old, so it makes sense that it is finally time to miss a holiday or two, or all of them…..But they don’t have Thanksgiving here, so that made it even more odd—-weird just to be right into Christmas and no talk of a holiday this past week.  And it’s so hot!  Again, technology is both a blessing and a curse as far as homesickness goes.  Reading everyone’s posts on Facebook about what they were doing for the holiday and the weekend, all the yummy food, etc. made me wistful.  And I love chatting with my family on Skype, but seeing them all dressed up just after dinner and their fall clothes (it was pretty warm there that day) got me, too.  Funny enough, it was the sight of my brother’s sweater that hit me hardest!  I can’t remember what that stylish wintery pattern is even called.  Can anyone help me on that?  Not really plaid….I know you know what I mean!  So, all that kind of made me feel down that day.

But what brought me back up, was the dinner we hosted here!   I am embracing the fact that my family is American-Australian and we are going to celebrate both holidays (Boxing Day here we come!  What do we do that day?!).  And I am truly thankful to have friends here who support that desire and are happy to celebrate with us!  We had the dinner on Friday and it ended up being pretty late—it’s funny the things you adjust to—I was smart enough to know Thursday itself would be hard on people because they were working, but failed to realize that that also means a 4:00 dinner (just like I did back home) on Friday won’t work either, because, yes, people are still at work!   But we had five friends who were so gracious about being here and learning something new.  I was very touched by how they all asked about the history of the holiday and the reasons behind some of the foods.  The boys and I made hand turkeys that day for everyone’s plate, which was fun.   And, what is especially amazing is, because I have never missed the holiday with my family before, that means I have never actually made a Thanksgiving dinner before!  Just a pie and a side typically!  But it all worked out well, even though nothing showed my best effort due to some ingredient substitutions—like our friends told us—I lucked out with an easy crowd because nobody knows what it should be like!  They told me it was their best Thanksgiving ever!  Also their first!  One of them was even disappointed we didn’t go around the table and give thanks—I had been too nervous to push that on people, especially since Steve’s Thanksgiving blessing surprised some people.  Now I know for next year!  Hope to make this a yearly event! 

Finally, we got to go to the city yesterday for a lovely baby shower for lovely friends in a lovely park on the river.  What strikes me now is that often when I speak, particularly in a group setting, and we were all called on individually to give parenting advice (even though most days I feel like I am in no position to do that!), is that I am the one with “the accent”.  I often wonder how I sound to people, if they understand the words and phrases I choose, if they can tell I’m not from around here (the answer to that—a resounding YES!).

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