Good news

Some good progress!  We started getting our goverment assistance money and will get regular payments for the forseeable future—very cool!  It’s weird—I have met people—absolutely normal, hard working families, who are actually living off this assistance and feel fine about it—Dad is in school, Mom is home with the kids—-it’s amazing to me that this country says it’s ok to stay home with your kids—they’ll help you do that!!  Hard to believe….

Also, I finally went to the doctor yesterday to get a prescription filled and just paid out of pocket.  The drug was actually less than I’ve ever paid for it anyway—always having insurance.  But, of course, one day later, we heard from immigration!  I am now allowed to get on Medicare, the public system, and I’m allowed to be here longer while they process our request for residency.  They still won’t let me work, so we’ll have to look into that, but such a relief to get this far! 

And, Steve has two interviews next week—poor guy is pretty miserable at this job right now.   

AND, I have plans to go out for a drink on Friday night and shopping on Saturday—teehee—Steve doesn’t even know yet!  😉  I’m ready for some adult only conversation, and REALLY ready for kid-free shopping! 

The only down comment today is I think that I am literally going to sweat away—I’m melting just like the wicked witch of the west—holy moly!!  And I really want to make some Thanksgiving food next week, but I’m having trouble finding the right ingredients.  How do these people live without cornbread?!  They must because I can’t find anything to make it with…..


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