Would you care to come to tea?

On Tuesday, we headed out early for a nice little trip to the city of Brisbane so the immigration department could take samples of all my fluids and physically examine me to make sure I am up to Australian living standards.   I feel rude for being slightly humiliated by that—why do I think I should be special enough that I shouldn’t need the standard exam?  For some reason it just is a really odd feeling.  I remember when Steve when through it in the U.S.  I wasn’t happy with his experience either.  Now, we wait for the results and work on the zillion-page form I need to fill out including certified copies of every official document I ever have possessed and declarations from Aussie friends that we are legit and that I am decent enough to be allowed to live here.  And, of course, pay large fees.  The city was much more hip and modern than this area, to be expected of large cities.  More organic, healthy food available, less obesity, more fashion and style, etc. 

Wednesday, we enjoyed a simply gorgeous morning at the beach at Wellington Point.  The sun was shining, it was a perfect temperature, the water was lovely and the boys had a blast playing in it, the sand, and the park, and we had a great picnic lunch.  It was such a fun morning, just the four of us, enjoying this time before Steve joins the working world again.  He actually does some orientation on Friday.  I have to admit that I’m pretty nervous about this next step.  Until now, although we’ve been doing lots of tasks to get established, we’ve all been together the majority of the time, and it’s been sort of like a weird vacation in a way.  But now, I’ll be alone with the boys, no car, and not much idea where to go and who to see even if I did have one!  We know we’ll get a car as soon as I’m about to pull my hair out, so we’ll take it day to day and see what happens. 

I did make my first solo drive today!  I took the boys to the church music group again and then practiced driving to the nearby grocery store, pulling into a parking space, and pulling out again before heading home.  It may sound silly, but parking lots are about the hardest—-you slip back into your comfortable side of the road much easier in them! 

The music group was fun and our family is now invited to an afternoon tea on Saturday!  That just sounds so fancy—-should I wear a gown?!  It really is just a daily, casual thing here, but I still can’t get over how posh and proper it sounds.  I took a deep breath and plopped myself down right next to a mother of two young boys, who luckily, was a really nice person, and coincidentally a part time teacher, with an opening at her school next year in special ed……Steve is really starting to hear about some promising teaching openings.  The jobs are all being posted now.  Plus, he’s licensed to sub, and actually was asked to sub today, but couldn’t.   While preparing our move, Steve found a blog he really enjoyed called BobinOZ, about an English guy who moved here.  He said once to never turn down an invitation.  Cancel whatever you need to, but GO when you are lucky enough to be invited somewhere.  That is so true!   When she started to ask what plans we had this weekend, I think I was so excited I started stuttering!  “None, we have no plans, nothing, yes, we’d love to come, 5 a.m.? Fine, we’ll be there”   😉

So, I realized yesterday that I felt bored, a feeling I am completely NOT used to.  I decided, that until I have friends and a “schedule”, I am going to get back into baking (I had to give it up in all the moving chaos and it will be nice especially now that Steve is eating gluten, at least through the holidays), and exercise a lot.  I figure the baking should balance out the added exercise.

This afternoon I went for a jog/walk after a little thunderstorm.  Just like CO, right?  It stormed for a bit around 3:00, so at 4:00 I headed out.  About 15 minutes in, I started hearing thunder and seeing some lightning again, but figured I was in the mangrove forest, so was under cover and fine, and thought must be just leftover storm signs, because the s ea looked clear and the storm was surely moving away from us.  The fact that I was the only one out should have been a clue…….I made it to a picnic shelter when the sky absolutely opened up, thunder like crazy and lightning all over!  I couldn’t tell when the sky ended and the sea began.  I did every stationary exercise that came to mind while waiting for it to let up or else someone to come and get me.  Four hours later it’s still raining cats and dogs and luckily, Steve pulled up after about 20 minutes.  Guess I need to learn a bit about the weather in this area!   All evening, Zach toddled around the house shouting “Whoa!” every time he heard the thunder.

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