Man it’s cold!

Never thought I’d say that in this sunburned country!  However, we’re just now ending winter and it’s been cold!  I mostly feel it because I’m not prepared for it—I am definitely used to lower temperatures, but I shipped all my winter stuff and packed only a couple light jackets, long sleeved shirts and pants that I realized don’t match each other at all—nice.  And no socks other than workout-type ones.  Plus, the houses feel the cold more here.  My super-scientific brain has been pondering why, and now has the definite answer—at least in this area, the houses are designed for a hot climate, to promote air flow to keep them cooler.  There are windows/sliding glass doors in literally every room in this house, typically more than one, to promote the cross ventilation.  Also, no insulation, no heater to turn on when you’re really feeling it.  And, in this house, not sure about others, there is hardly any carpeting and many of the windows have no blinds.  And, it’s humid and gets the cool air off the sea.  So, when it gets down to 50 or 60—-brrr! 

Today, I spent almost an hour in Woolie’s (the Aussies can make any word shorter, or give a slang slant to it, so this is those of us locals name for Woolworth’s, the local grocery store) going through it with a fine tooth comb.  I am starting to believe that black beans and green chilies may not exist down here.  However, I am happy to report that I found black olives, a limited selection of salsa (Old El Paso—nice!) and sour cream.  I also learned how to buy whipping cream (thickened cream) and true blue ingredients for my first official Aussie meal of out the Aussie cookbook on loan from a friend.  The dinner was great—yippee!  I even used the metric system to make it—and I made it vegetarian to give us a one-day break at least from red meat.  😉  But then negated that effort by buying lots of Aussie chocolate, which truly puts Hershey’s to shame!

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