Lots of Firsts

-I got my first email from a “friend”.  A friend of Anna’s who lives nearby emailed welcoming us and offering to help with kid and Mom tips and get together sometime.

-I received my first invitation!  Michelle, a friend of Steve’s that has become a friend of both of us over the years called an invited me to get together with the boys and some of her Mom friends and their kids tomorrow morning!  I’m so excited!  It’s somewhere that the kids can play and the Moms can have coffee, chat.  Steve is going to come, too, because I don’t feel comfortable with the drive, but he’ll meet everywhere and then go run some errands.  She also invited me to come to her gym with her sometime and check out a yoga class—-love Mommy time! 

-I drove!  I have spent some time in little traffic getting comfortable with the way the roads work and the way the cars are set up.  It’s hardest figuring out which way the oncoming traffic is coming from, and which way to look for the rearview mirror because both are opposite.  Also, need to make sure to turn the blinker on and not the windshield wipers, as they are opposite, too!

-We have seen our first kookaburra, gecko, giant disgusting scary spider (see photo) and wallabies, both as roadkill and cute, hopping living ones.

-I paid at a shop by myself.  The nice thing is, the taxes are all built in to the price on the shelf, so I made sure I had figured out the exact change while in line, so I didn’t have to stare at the money and look at each piece trying to figure out which ones to give the cashier.

-Steve went car shopping for the first time; we shopped for mobile phones and think we have found what we like, and he has his first job interview on Friday.

Drew was very cute—while playing at a park yesterday, he was interacting with a boy at least double his age, and he turned to me and said “Mommy, he’s nice.  Mmm-hmm, I think….we’re friends.”  It was just too precious.  We’re all reaching out….


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